FLED’s First Vets for Pets

The FLED admin team (Jill, Cat, and Audrey), as well as two rock star volunteers (the Rachels), went to our first Vets for Pets event at Victoria’s Our Place Society, an amazing organization that helps to serve some of the more disadvantaged people in Victoria. Vets for Pets is a program that runs regularly – the Victoria Branch of the BCSPCA is a regular participant, giving out donations of food and other pet supplies.

We gave out many collars, leashes, treats, poop bags, and toys, and got lots of puppy and kitty snuggles and face licks in the process. What we’re trying to implement, though, is an informal database of pets and ID information in case they go missing. Today we gave out over 20 dog tags (donated by Dragonscale Designs) with FLED’s phone number on them and photographed the pets for our files. That way, if the dogs are lost, the owners can contact us to have the dog’s picture sent to the animal authorities in case someone finds it. Similarly, if the dog is found, the finders will be able to call us to help find the dog’s owner. Hopefully, this will result in fast reunions in case anything happens to these animals.

We’re very grateful to Vets for Pets and Dr. Vermuelen for giving us the opportunity to help out and be part of their wonderful program. And we’re all looking forward to the next time we can take part.

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