Teaming up with Victoria Buzz!

Hi everyone!

I’m excited to announce that we’re partnering up with Victoria Buzz to get even more exposure for lost and found pets in the Greater Victoria area. Obviously like any new partnership, there’ll be a bit of a learning process, but they’re adding groups and a forum to their website ( including one for lost and found pets that we’re going to be helping out with. So check it out here!

2 thoughts on “Teaming up with Victoria Buzz!

  1. eileen griffin

    That is very good,but I have yet to be told if there are any lost or escaped dogs in Parksville or Qualicum,!!!

    1. Audrey Post author

      Hey Eileen! We have our mailing lists separated out by region. For some reason you weren’t on ours, but I can for sure add you to our Parksville list.


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