Hope’s Story

On March 29th, FLED (Find Lost & Escaped Dogs) was notified of a dog running loose on Franklin River Road, past Port Alberni. We posted her on our site, and many people reported to us that they had seen her, but she wouldn’t come to them. It appeared as though she had been on her own for quite some time, and despite postering and social networking, we have been unable to locate her people. Unfortunately, we suspect she has been abandoned.


Hope was seen wandering past Port Alberni.

Over several days, some amazing people pulled together to befriend this sweet girl and gain her trust. We were prepared to do whatever it took to catch her and get her safe. Thankfully, on Tuesday, April 1st, this beautiful girl, now named Hope, was caught. She is now being looked after by the excellent staff at the Central Island Veterinary Hospital, where she will be spayed and assessed. This coming weekend, she will be picked up by FLED staff and brought to a foster home in Victoria. We are raising funds for her medical care through the Beemer Memorial Fund. Stay tuned for more information about how to donate.

Now safe at Central Island Vet

     Now safe at Central Island Vet.

Giving kisses to Darcy.

Giving kisses to Darcy.

2 thoughts on “Hope’s Story

  1. christina

    i’m interested in giving hope a new home if her assesments go good please let me know when she’s ready to see

  2. Emma

    I saw Hope on the tracks by Little Qualicum Falls must have been over 2 months ago. I actually posted on
    Pqb used and with the spca. She ran right by me. She was so emaciated even then. I am glad that she is in good hands.


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