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Trina’s Story

This is Trina’s story of finding Hope.

Reports were being posted on Facebook of a dog running loose on a very busy logging road (Bamfield Rd, outside Port Alberni). She was underweight with backbone and ribs visible and in total survival mode, running up and down the road. As soon as I saw the post, Richard and I drove out in the dark and rain to see if we could spot her. We were unsuccessful.

The following morning, We met with Darcy from F.L.E.D. and Kayla from the Alberni Clayoquot BCSPCA and first sighting was made by Darcy later that day. Darcy had to leave so I headed back out. When I arrived there were five vehicles stopped on the road and people were chasing her, trying to catch her. Shortly after, Kayla arrived, we hung back and watched to gong show at which point the crowd had chased her towards us. I pulled out my secret weapon (pieces of moose steak) and started walking ahead of her, dropping pieces behind me. When we were away from the crowd, I knelt down and she ate out of my hand, gave hand kisses but as soon as I moved my hand towards her, she would back off. There was going to be no getting this girl leashed. I sat with her until dark.. she sat about 10 feet away from me and rested, her feet were raw from running and nails worn right to the quick. I tried to see if she would get in the Jeep and she wouldn’t. When it started to rain, she trotted off up the road looking back as she went and thinking twice about leaving that warm, dry Jeep behind. She eventually disappeared around the bend and as it was getting dark, I sadly left her behind and went home heavy hearted.


People had been feeding her all day, she had probably four full meals that day. That on top of the chasing was going to make it very hard to lure her or earn her trust. That night we asked people to please not feed her, we were planning to set up a live trap and if the trapping was going to be successful, we needed her hungry and needed her to eat from a feeding station so she would return to the same area for her food.

The next day I couldn’t get out there until noon. Traffic was very heavy and she was nowhere to be seen so I hung around and waited for her. Sharon had spotted her that morning so I figured she probably went to find a place to rest until the road quieted down. Around 4:00, as Sharon and I were chatting and then all of a sudden she was there.. wandering up the road again. She hung out with us, had some coconut oil and and rabbit tenderloin, smelled the crate we had set up and then wandered off again up the road. Sharon had to leave so I hung around and she came back. She checked out the crate a bit ore then wandered off on to the main road where she came within 2′ of being hit by a speeding truck.. my heart jumped in to my throat. She went down the road, limping on raw feet, I waited again until dark then went home.



The next morning, Sharon went out and saw that she had been in the crate, ate some of the food left there but was nowhere to be seen, the traffic was heavy again on the road. She stayed for a few hours and didn’t spot her so she went home. I arrived about an hour later, no sign of her and she had not visited the crate. Sharon arrived a bit later and we chatted for an hour or so and then there Hope was again, wandering up the road towards us. We tempted her to go in to our vehicles with stinky canned food and she almost went for it but decided to lay down for a bit instead. We decided to go sit down for a bit about 20′ away. Sharon in her chair and me on the ground on a blanket. A couple minutes later, Hope let our two soft, mournful howls, got up and came and laid with us!! She was about two feet away from me, I was too afraid to even look in her direction but managed to get some pictures of her. We laid in the sun for a good while and then Hope got up and went back to the crate.. she almost went in the whole way!

Sharon and I went over to the crate, tossed cooked rabbit far in to the back in a tall bucket that was there. With Sharon on the left of the door and me on the right we waited for just the right moment to present itself. We knew we would only have one shot to get it right, if we didn’t have the perfect opportunity to get her in, she would bolt and we would lose her trust. She reached way back in to the crate, her head in the bucket and was on her back tippy toes leaning forward. This was our one moment. I pushed her in as hard as I could and Sharon and I closed the door behind her.. Hope was in the crate!! It was only then we discovered the latch was broken and wouldn’t secure so I grabbed a leash and lashed the door with it. We had her and she was safe! ❤


Sharon and I loaded her in to my Jeep, drove to where we had decent cell reception and made a plan to get her to the 24 hour vet in Nanaimo. I was exhausted and knew it would be a long night at the vet and opted to go home and decompress. Sharon and Darcy took her to the vet where she was given loads of love and care. She finally got some much needed petting and was giving face kisses!

She will stay at the vets for 4 more days before going to a foster home for rehab and recovery before finding her forever home.


If you would like to donate to her medical care, please do so through the following link:


Hope’s Story

On March 29th, FLED (Find Lost & Escaped Dogs) was notified of a dog running loose on Franklin River Road, past Port Alberni. We posted her on our site, and many people reported to us that they had seen her, but she wouldn’t come to them. It appeared as though she had been on her own for quite some time, and despite postering and social networking, we have been unable to locate her people. Unfortunately, we suspect she has been abandoned.


Hope was seen wandering past Port Alberni.

Over several days, some amazing people pulled together to befriend this sweet girl and gain her trust. We were prepared to do whatever it took to catch her and get her safe. Thankfully, on Tuesday, April 1st, this beautiful girl, now named Hope, was caught. She is now being looked after by the excellent staff at the Central Island Veterinary Hospital, where she will be spayed and assessed. This coming weekend, she will be picked up by FLED staff and brought to a foster home in Victoria. We are raising funds for her medical care through the Beemer Memorial Fund. Stay tuned for more information about how to donate.

Now safe at Central Island Vet

     Now safe at Central Island Vet.

Giving kisses to Darcy.

Giving kisses to Darcy.