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Charity Status

We are so very happy and filled with puppy smiles to tell you all that after a very long application process, we have received our registered charity status!! Thank you to everyone who makes this work possible.

This means we should soon be able to issue charitable receipts for donations. Hopefully we’ll be able to make that a smooth process, but please bear with us as we learn the ropes. As always, PM or email us at if you have any questions.


Halloween fireworks scare so many of our furry friends! We posted 14 missing or found dogs yesterday evening and this morning, but as of now we have only 1 unresolved case! One sweet pup found last night being taken care of by the CRD. Thank you everyone for all that you do.

Teaming up with Victoria Buzz!

Hi everyone!

I’m excited to announce that we’re partnering up with Victoria Buzz to get even more exposure for lost and found pets in the Greater Victoria area. Obviously like any new partnership, there’ll be a bit of a learning process, but they’re adding groups and a forum to their website ( including one for lost and found pets that we’re going to be helping out with. So check it out here!