T-Shirt Ordering

By popular demand, FLED T-shirts and hoodies are now available for ordering.

The first order will be placed on May 15th 2014, assuming we have at least 15 shirts ordered by then, so make sure you place your order before then. We will be placing future orders as there is demand for them. All shirts will be printed in navy blue with white lettering. The cost for each item is below, not including shipping (Vancouver Island only). If you live in Victoria, you will have the option of picking up the shirt yourself at Dog’s Ear in Victoria (#266- 2950 Douglas St), in which case you will not be charged for shipping.

a t-shirt and a hoodie

Once you fill in the form, you should receive an invoice through PayPal from FLED within 24 hours. If you don’t get an invoice, please confirm with us at fledsearch@gmail.com since your order may not have been received or your email address may have been entered incorrectly.

To order, simply fill out the form below with your full name and email address, as well as the address to which the shirts should be mailed (if applicable). Just enter the number of each size of shirt you would like ordered. If you would not like any shirts of a given size, just leave that field blank. For instance, if you would like to order 2 medium t-shirts and 1 large hoodie, enter a 2 in the “T-Shirts: # Size Medium” box and a 1 in the “Hoodies: # Size Large” box, and leave the other size boxes empty.

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