Our amazing community!

From Jill’s post to our Facebook page:

From 2pm this afternoon until approximately 9:30pm, a dog was lost out in the Colwood/Langford area.
Roxy was moving quickly and getting people out to help find her was critical.
The time it took to network and than find Roxy, has shown how important our FLED volunteers are for this service to work…
I want to thank everyone who helped in finding her, and especially to Susan for giving the owner the FLED number.
Without volunteers, this service would NOT WORK…
With so many dogs lost and missing without a trace and no sightings on any of them, I’m greatful to know we all can make it work to bring these family members home…

1 thought on “Our amazing community!

  1. Lois Brain

    Thank you so much to FLED and all its volunteers for all you did to help locate Cael. Fortunately. a bike rider saw a poster and called, saying there had been a dog in his yard and there Cael was, hiding under a shed. We are thrilled to have him back home with us- it has been a long ten days!


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