Dog thefts

With the recent case of this little Blue Nose Pitbull, stolen and the attempt to resell him, I think it’s about time the RCMP take the missing of some of the other dogs on Vancouver Island a LOT more seriously.
I believe the public need to let the authorities know we are very concerned with their lack of concern over missing dogs who go missing without a trace.
FLED is extremely concerned with this recent theft of Bieber. He could have been sold and no one would have been the wiser…We need to put a STOP to this, if indeed our fur family members are being stolen, and sold…
RCMP need to take this matter a lot more seriously than they have in the past…Just sayin…

1 thought on “Dog thefts

  1. Rachel

    I feel that it is terrible that anyone would steal someone else pet and family member and that the police should be doing more about it.


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